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On April 9, 2016, 428 "abandoned" accounts were deleted. This is merely a spring cleaning of sorts. If your account was not active since early March AND you had less than 30 posts, your account was deleted. I sent two bulk emails to remind all such users that their accounts would be removed if they didn't at least log in by April 5, 2016. If your account was deleted, you'll have to re-register. Sylux102 out.
Projects and Tools


A map tool useful for editing switches, waterboxes, and actors!

Scroll of Time

An easy-to-use text editor for Ocarina of Time!

Scroll of Majora

An easy-to-use text editor for Majora's Mask!

Hylian Toolbox

A compact tool for OoT and MM that allows for the creation of custom hierarchies, animations, matrices, maps, and more!

MM to OoT Map Porter

A MM to OoT map porter!