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Welcome to Zelda64.net. Announcements can be found below!
As of 3.1.2017, this site seems pretty dead. Or on the brink of dying. So I've decided to try to help it out. Z64 is having its theme reworked to be more modern and professional. I'll try my best to get back into the Zelda modding scene. Hopefully we can get this place back up without the cobwebs (and without looking like a web page from the 1990s). Enjoy the current Zelda64 Dark theme over the next few days while I finish sorting out the rest of it and the Light theme. Thanks for sticking with us. Sylux102 out.


A map tool useful for editing switches, waterboxes, and actors!

Scroll of Time

An easy-to-use text editor for Ocarina of Time!

Ocarina Text Editor

An alternate text editor for Ocarina of Time!

Scroll of Majora

An easy-to-use text editor for Majora's Mask!

Hylian Toolbox

A compact tool for OoT and MM that allows for the creation of custom hierarchies, animations, matrices, maps, and more!

MM to OoT Map Porter

A MM to OoT map porter!