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On April 9, 2016, 428 "abandoned" accounts were deleted. This is merely a spring cleaning of sorts. If your account was not active since early March AND you had less than 30 posts, your account was deleted. I sent two bulk emails to remind all such users that their accounts would be removed if they didn't at least log in by April 5, 2016. If your account was deleted, you'll have to re-register. Sylux102 out.
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What kind of graphics should an OoT MMO have?
N64 Style Graphics 19 (59.4%)
Next-Gen Style Graphics 13 (40.6%)
Total Votes: 32
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Design a Header

Posted by Sylux102 (Admins) at Apr 17 2016, 08:43 PM. 56 comments

Yep, you read it. I've been thinking, the old header seemed dated. Just as I was going to change it, the host site removed it for me. So here we are.

Post your design below. Every so often they will rotate through, so there will always be a fresh logo.

Vote now for which picture you'd like to see up there! http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=578efe64e4b0354c7d066da3

Temporary Forum Closure

Posted by Sylux102 (Admins) at Feb 24 2016, 03:37 PM. 13 comments

This forum will temporarily be closed this coming Saturday and Sunday for maintenance. This may occur more than one weekend in a row. During such time, here is what is planned to be accomplished:

-Remove canceled/garbage/useless topics, posts, or subforums that have been inactive for quite some time.
-New, more professional theme (old will be retained)
-New organizational setup and way of handling rule infractions (staff related stuff)
-New overall feel for the community

Any rejections or suggestions please let administration know by posting below.


Emotes Update V2.0

Posted by PwnzLPs (Admins) at Nov 18 2015, 06:58 PM. 9 comments

Hey guys! Ryan here!

Emotes have been updated! They're no longer big, clunky, and annoying (that one depends on your tastes. ;P)

Here's a picture showing off the new emotes.


What do you guys think? :)

Big thanks to Matthrdika on DeviantArt for making these emoticons, as well as to JabuJabule for separating them into separate pngs, and PwnzLPs for making the backgrounds transparent!

Matthordika: Posted Image Posted Image


Update: It has come to our attention that there is a white background on each emote. We are currently fixing this. Don't worry. The transparency issue has been fixed!

Z-3037 Running Cost

Posted by Sylux102 (Admins) at Oct 19 2015, 11:10 PM. 2 comments

In case I ever forget how much I spent, I can always look back here. This will be updated each time money is spent (not including utilities, time etc) directly on Z-3037.

So far ---

Carry Over from OoTHD Engine - $300.00 USD
Concept Artwork Batch 1 - $150.00 USD

Running Total - $450.00 USD

This is not me asking for money. DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO DO SO, I DONT EVEN HAVE A DONATION BUTTON. However, you may PM me if you'd like to donate and I can arrange something.

Z-3037 Update Log

Posted by Sylux102 (Admins) at Oct 7 2015, 04:29 PM. 0 comments

This is temporary. Z-3037 will be moving. However, as an update, Z-3037 will be getting a playable beta sometime soon. I cannot currently commit an exact date.
UPDATE - 10-10-15

The new playable demo will be in a form... Unfamiliar... To Zelda players. However, any modern gamer will be very familiar with this type of gameplay. Work is underway, the basic movement and camera engine refined and complete, some other features added. Currently modeling some pretty things and looking at sound design and will be entering the internal testing phase sometime soon.

Z-3037 Reactions

Posted by Sylux102 (Admins) at Sep 10 2015, 04:25 PM. 17 comments

Let the Internet know your thoughts/comments/concerns about Z-3037. I'll try to answer as many questions as I can.

Spam - Whats being done and what to do about it

Posted by Sylux102 (Admins) at Jul 24 2015, 09:13 AM. 0 comments

Currently, there are two ways moderators are informed of spam:

1 they see it with their own eyes
2 someone reports it

This is great, except it only works for this site. Spammers have an easy way of sending you emails and PMs through this site, using one of various captcha blocking methods.


Forward unwanted or deceptive messages to:

the Federal Trade Commission at [email protected]

Be sure to include the complete spam email.(USA only, search for your country's equivalent)

your email provider.(Google, yahoo, cox, Microsoft etc)

At the top of the message, state that you're complaining about being spammed.

the sender's email provider, if you can tell who it is. (Usually the site after the "@")


Report it.


Since we have a zero tolerance policy with spam and spammers, anyone caught posting spam (also advertising, or anything totally unrelated to Zelda64, or, Nike Shoes or jewelry) is immediately banned from posting and banned from the site. The IP address will also be blacklisted.


Send an email to:

sylux102 (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you and have a wonderful time.

The One About My Departure

Posted by Sylux102 (Admins) at Feb 6 2015, 11:53 AM. 2 comments

Its been a great journey. Ever since Maco64 went down, and Flotonic suggested I start this site, I've been hard at work trying to keep things going. The work of an Admin may seem easy, but with 100+ active members, things get out of hand very quickly. That's why I hired Ideka and Godsturf on as moderators. I had known the two for some time and they both expressed interest in getting to know me back on Maco64. Once the member count had increased, I added PwnzLPs. I haven't known him for as long, but he seemed quite trustworthy, and has proven this to me through time. From here on out, if the 3 moderators feel it necessary to hire on new moderators, that will be their decision.

To a community I helped Flotonic construct, I am deeply saddened by my own departure. Sometimes things happen in real life that really, really get to you. Things that you can't control, and can only stand by and watch as they completely destroy any and all plans you had made for your life course. I will miss working on my projects, namely URA and OoTHD, however they will be in good hands. OoTHD will be sent to dear PwnzLPs. He might use it for his MMHD game. My URA mod will be headed to Dropbox. Which is an excellent place to keep things. I may pick them back up occasionally, but not like I have been doing. I need the time to rethink and replan my entire life. Funny how one thing in life can change everything. If you already have contributed to my projects, or plan on doing so, please do not be discouraged from continuing to help. They are left in good hands and those new folk can help keep things in order.

Concerning my return, I am unsure. A community as tight knit as this one is certainly hard to leave, but I need time to be a Recluse. I've found that withdrawal usually helps at least take the edge off (although I don't know about this one, its never been this bad before). If you see my name logged in at the bottom, its just a visit from an old friend. I won't be active hardly at all, maybe one or two edits here and there, but no more posts.

As sad as it is, this finalizes my departure that so many of you have voiced your opinions about. To those that spoke to me and told me to not leave, I must say that this was an eventuality of the current situation in my life. The 2005 movie Flight plan (pretty good, watch it if you haven't) has an almost relevant dialogue interchange. I say almost relevant because they talk about death of loved ones, but nobody has died in my case. But it certainly is just as painful as losing a spouse or child. Maybe even worse. Here's a spoiler that's copied directly out of the movies script, but only the relevant bits. Its probably best if you watch the film, reading it won't show you the all the emotions in it. KYLE is a mother aboard a plan who has just lost her daughter somewhere aboard the plane and her husband died earlier by
Spoiler: click to toggle
. LISA is a therapist. JULIA is KYLEs daughter.

Spoiler: click to toggle

Thank you for all the support and help in making this community what it is today. May the wind be at your backs always, and I hope some great things will come from here. In the words of Gene Roddenberry's character Spock, Live long, and prosper. You have been, and always shall be, my friend.

News Announcements

Posted by Sylux102 (Admins) at May 22 2014, 02:14 PM. 0 comments

As for the first announcement: OoT2D and Izou are under Godsturfs team Lunar World.

Site News and Update Log

Posted by Sylux102 (Admins) at May 20 2014, 07:40 PM. 0 comments

Ok heres the ever growing list:

Set Zelda64 Theme as the board default
Created alternate Aqua Theme
Added a Shoutbox
Moved Shoutbox to the top of the main page
Moved the Shoutbox Text Area to the bottom of the box
Added a PM Notification Sound Effect
Added a Google Translate language translation service
Renamed Shoutbox to Comment Box
Now the newest comment in Comment Box is displayed on the bottom
Added a web cursor - OoT Master Sword
Removed web cursor due to a bug
Added forums for OoT2D and Izou, as well as an off topic Gaming forum
Added a triforce placeholder logo
Added a Post Number Achievement System, props to remeer
Newest shoutbox comment is not at the top
Comment box should now load on all pages
Quick reply to PMs has moved to above your PMs
Added Zelda Fan Games Forums and Documentation Forums
Added IRC
Sairugoth kindly made the header image
Resized all signature to max size 50px tall and 100px wide
Added a Mibbit IRC channel, thanks to Ideka (N64Mods)

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Total Forum Posts: 11,936
Total Members: 329 (The newest member is Killsabyte)
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