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Starting a Zelda Project; ZELDA OOT PROJECT
Topic Started: Oct 1 2017, 03:15 PM (675 Views)

Hello guys! I was thinking about starting a MOD for Zelda OOT!
I still need people with some experience since i am not pretty good with SharpOcarina
I need people who:

Can model maps with me
Can do own textures
Is good with SharpOcarina(Exists or objects etc.)
I still dont know how to add more than 1 map so would be happy if anyone could help me

The Story:
This is a timeline where Zelda didnt bring Link back to the past after defeating Ganondorf. Link became an high skilled soldier of hyrule, after hyrule was rebuilded he got a mission from Zelda to explore different places, after a time he gets a message that hyrule is under attack ........

The story might change if you have a better story or you want to change something
I was already modeling some Maps for testing with Sketchup
I would be happy to see some people
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The best thing that happened to me when I entered the community was that someone was honest with me about where my expectations were going to take me, so I'm going to be honest with you.

First off, you're very limited with the tools you have available to you whilst modding. That means that a lot of expectations you might see in the future of your project may never come to fruition. Custom bosses, cutscenes, items, etc. are still things even the most professional and longest-lasting users on the site couldn't accomplish with up to weeks or months spent on just that one thing. A very important factor if you really want to make a mod is that you look at the limitations as they are and ask yourself if you would really be satisfied with the final product even if you weren't allowed to break or change anything the community hasn't already been able to. If not, you have a better shot starting from scratch elsewhere, and if you plan on that, thinking up unique enough ideas that you could sell your game as an indie product may be your best bet.

Secondly, this community has been around for years now, and we've seen a lot of failures. It takes a lot to impress people who have actually been around long enough to acquire some skill. I would recommend that before you go asking for help, you master all but a few aspects of the modding process. Be it making maps, textures, injecting models or maps, making music, importing music, or editing hex/assembly, you should be able to 3-4 of these things before you expect help from other people. A lot of these things are actually pretty easy to do with a little dedication, so don't let anything scare you. There are plenty of users and tutorials around that will help you if you seek it.

The modding process is inherently flawed in a lot of ways, and most newcomers have a hard time seeing that. You need to spend awhile deciding if this is the path you intend on taking, and if so, why you're doing it this way, and how good you would be at it on your own.
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GodsTurf could not have said it any better. Modding/hacking this game takes a lot of time as well as just learning it. It is not easy in my opinion. I recommend learning a few of the things you listed and proficiant in one of them. There are a lot of limitations when it comes to making anything intended for the n64, you will see this more and more as you progress (if you do.)

Another thing, designing a game (rom hacks count as games) is a whole different ball park than playing them. It is a lot of problem solving (at least from my experience.) Try designing a mini dungeon and that will show you how difficult it is to make a good dungeon. It's a dungeon within itself trying to make one.

That being said, I hope you stick it out, it is a learning experience. I have only been modding for a year and a few months and I learned quite a lot.
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Average user who wants to mod :P
I'll gladly provide tutorials via YouTube that cover a lot of the basic Zelda OoT modding requirements. It doesn't take too much effort, but it's really annoying to persistently do. OoT modding lacks general guidance, everyone insists you figure it out yourself but in reality I'd rather have a dozen decent modders than 2 good modders. Everyone can learn off eachother and that's what I want to achieve.
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