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SharpOcarina 0.91; A tool to make custom maps!
Topic Started: Nov 26 2017, 06:55 PM (1,821 Views)

If you don't already know, SharpOcarina is an application made by xdaniel in 2011/2012 to create custom maps for OoT. I resurrected the project by bringing 0.70-0.90 versions with big improvements.

So, after a long waiting I'm glad to release 0.91 version!

Download (+ source): Here

Sadly, I had to cut cutscene editor from this version, but don't worry you will see it in the future!

Posted Image
More images:

Spoiler: click to toggle

Posted Image

Changelog 0.91


- Added an option to disable waterbox movement

- Now you can save the options in a .xml, they will be loaded everytime you open SO

- Added an option to clear the dma table of a rom. Use this if you experience crashes ingame. (this also updates the crc)

Bug fixes

- Auto-add objects no longer crashes when saving scene

- Sticking actors to ground/ceiling now uses Z/X keys to prevent shortcut bugs

- Entrance table now refreshes the scene name column more often

Changelog 0.90


- Fields are now saved when losing focus. Enter key is no longer required.

- Hold shift while adding or duplicating an instance to create it in front of the camera

- Added room selection for waterboxes. Default value is 3F which enables them on all rooms

- Now its easier to tell where the instance is facing (light-green extreme = front of the instance)

- Transition actors are rendered as rectangles of the same size as ingame doors

- Use mouse wheel after moving an actor to rotate it. Waterboxes will change their size instead.

- Use up and down keys while moving an actor to stick to ceiling/ground

New stuff

- Actor database added for actors, transitions and spawns. Click on the blue button next to actor number to open it. You can type a word to filter actors.
Note that if a variable contains the word, the entire actor will be displayed. You can also use special filters like #Transitions and #Monsters.

- Added entrance list. SO auto-generates it based on where you place the spawnpoints. The entrance number is the same as the order of the spawns, so the spawn 2 will be the entrance 2.

- Added support to vertex colors. You must replace the export_obj.py of your blender 2.7x with the one in the blenderscripts folder.

- Added an entrance table editor. This editor is independent so you can change the entrance table without injecting anything in the rom.

Bugfixes & tweaks

- Greatly improved the lighting of the imported maps by fixing a bug related to normals

- Fixed a crash that involved moving an instance outside room boundaries

- Fixed bug where maps made with blender couldn't have vertex groups

- Fixed a bug where you could not save polytype assigned to the first group in the first room

- Fixed a crash when attempting to delete the last polytype of the scene

- Fixed a crash when typing on room offset when there's no rooms

- [Temporal fix] animated opaque textures will be injected as transparent to avoid crashing

- Reduced byte padding (less kb per scene)

- When importing .obj, groups with 0 triangles are ignored

Changelog 0.8x

Spoiler: click to toggle

Changelog 0.7x

Spoiler: click to toggle

Have fun!
Edited by Nokaubure, Dec 9 2017, 02:22 PM.
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Just our of curiosity, how is the actor renderer going? Or was that something else? I just remember seeing something about that in the 0.82 post.
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Priorities, I had to move cutscene editor too (which is the purpose of actor rendering, playing the custcene in the editor and watching link moving like ingame). Probably actor rendering is in the lowest priority right now, while cutscene editor and custom DList commands are highest for 1.0
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Added support to vertex colors. You must replace the export_obj.py of your blender 2.7x with the one in the blenderscripts folder.


Could create models with blender and mustn use google sketchup?
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Version 0.91 released, just bug fixes and uninteresting new features.

Can't give a date for version 1.0, I will no longer lie with things like "in 1 month" because there's a bunch of factors, all I can say is that I want to continue bringing updates and I'm motivated to make this tool as best as possible.
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It's good to see this tool making progress. Keep it up.
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Not really something to worry about since you can just manually change it, but if you're still bug hunting: Link's spawn variable with the actor database gives an error.

Spoiler: click to toggle

I tested it with another computer and it still happens, so I don't think this is a problem on my side for once.
(Using version .91, not .90.)
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Does a different thing for me, instead of crashing it doesn't update anything. Works with transitions and actors though, so its only an issue with spawnpoints and variables, not a big deal but will be fixed in the next release.
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