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Twilight Princess Character texture project; Retexture of all the characters in twilight princess
Topic Started: Feb 11 2018, 08:04 PM (630 Views)

Hello, My name is Skilar, and I am starting this little project for Twilight Princess. I noticed that a lot of the texture packs for twilight princess don't seem to have either finished character textures, or they just look off on the polygons. I am to make character textures, that are not only complete, but Fit with all other texture packs along with some other goodies that no other project has had. What I have mostly done right now, is Link's textures. And don't worry, I don't plan to redo them over and over again. My goal for him was to make him look like his Artwork. My ultimate goal for him was to "Make the best Damn Link textures out there"

Link's Official art

Something I noticed in these images, is Link had some fairly pronounced muscles definition, so I decided to go ahead and use that as a base for my textures. Without further Ado, here is what I came up with


And now how they look visually in other packs, I hope I was able to make textures that fit all packs.

Other packs

Now what makes this project just a Little different is this
Custom. Models.
Don't get super excited, because as of the moment Links model is not able to be replaced, but I have gone and gave Link a higher poly master sword, and sheath. Along with the Hylian shield and the Beta wooden shield that was re purposed for the ending cut scene with Colin. Also, next update I will be releasing the Magic Armor textures, which will be showcased below with the custom weapons

Coming soon

There is a few more things in the works which will be announced soon, but trust me, you'll be fairly excited once you see it! A good friend of mine is putting together something great!

How YOU can help this project

These textures are all drawn by hand, but they take a lot of time to produce because I am using a pad tablet, which doesn't have a screen. This can make it fairly difficult. Pretty soon I am going to be getting a Cintiq 13HD, when I get my taxes that is, however I am a little short.
So, if you would like to support this project feel free to donate! Anything helps really. It'll really help me with production as well, and in the long run will see this project finished a lot faster. Though, this is not required, it is a free project, as is other texture packs.

Posted Image

And a Link to the textures


His textures aren't quite complete, like Links hair need to be shifted a bit in color, but they are playable. I have to finish his other eye textures, and things like his pants and gauntlets.
Edited by HeroOfHyruleLink, Feb 11 2018, 09:25 PM.
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Impressive work, the high poly models are exciting.

Ya I feel tomoya and the team strayed too far, too ambitious, and now they're trying to make a game from scratch (what's left of the old team anyway, don't know the details about the fallout, they refuse to talk about it). I still think their TP texture pack is the best one out there though, even if unfinished.

Been following this guy for a long time: http://twilitportal.org/
He's porting TP over to unreal 4, but staying true to the game physics and models so far.

EDIT: Ty Anderson, aka insaneslug. I remember he was making a metroid prime hd texture pack long ago. Great guy, I wonder how the Links Awakening project is doing he's working on, haven't checked it in awhile.
Edited by Zanak, Feb 12 2018, 12:38 AM.
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If I remember correctly, that's supposed to be a sequel to twilight princess. Also, his project is going well. Like I said, he is as close friend to me now haha.
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Which guy are you referring to? If you're referring to Avatarus, yes I agree.
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I meant Ty. And avatarus work is good. Only thing is he is using TP assets which is illegal

I don't know why the flash player isn't working, so I threw the link on there. Is it just me it's getting an error for?
Edited by GodsTurf, Mar 28 2018, 07:26 PM.
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Why do people keep involving money in fan projects? Don't people realize that involving money in a fan project is one of the things that attracts unwanted attention (the DMCA takedown kind)?

And by money, I'm talking about not only selling but also donations. Donations associated with something is still technically making profit from people for the thing that said money transactions is associated with. That is a big no no when coming out with a fan project. By involving money into the mix, it sends the wrong idea that you're doing this for money, not love, fun, or fandom. If you want your project to be safe from the DMCA radar, you gotta show and prove that what you're doing is fun, out of love, and for the sake of fandom. For example, make and launch your fan project for free, with no money involved whatsoever. Not even donations.

Money involvement is one the big things that leads to projects being stopped or shut down by officials via DMCA. Seriously, when are people going to realize this?

Still, this does look like a cool mod. Just that if you really care about it, I highly recommend getting rid of the donations thing. Just a friendly suggestion and a piece of advice from someone who cares, with great respect, and wants to see this mod project get somewhere. But just, the right way.
Edited by VTNShade, May 15 2018, 05:10 PM.
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