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Hi, I want to learn how to make a Majora's Mask RomHack
Topic Started: May 3 2018, 05:00 PM (254 Views)
Flexible edible

Hello everyone,

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I know how it may look like, but I am not trying to have you tell me everything I need to do without doing my own research. I have been looking through this forum and other places online, and after finding a few tools that I think will be useful (Scenetatl, SharpOcarina, Hylian toolbox), I am not even able to start to figure out how to work with them. My first problem is that I have not found any decrompressed Rom of MM, and I can't seem to be able to make NewDec work. Everything that happens when I launch it is I see a prompt window flash, and then nothing happens. I tried launching as admin, putting the compressed rom in the same directory, but nothing works and everywhere I look it says it's supposed to work when I launch it. If anyone could help me getting past that so I can get started learning how to used all the other tools, I would REALLY appreciate it :)

Also, as a first mod for the game, I want to try and make a new temple. I have seen a few videos about importing new maps to the game, so I know it's possible, but I was also wondering about importing new objects that I would make, say, with blender. If I'm not mistaken, it's possible with sharpOcarina, but if that's not true, can someone point me in the right direction?

Finally, maybe this is a bit too much to ask, but can anyone tell me what are the main tools that I will need to use (If the ones I named are obsolete), as well as direct me to forum posts or videos explaining how they work? For example, I know I will need to do a lot of Hex editing to mod Majora's mask. Does one of the tools I mentioned have that feature?

Majora's mask is My childhood Zelda game, as my dad knew about the ocarina of time hype in 2001 (when he got me my N64. I know, I was late to the party lol), but he only knew the name Zelda, and got me Majora's mask instead. I am really grateful for that mistake, because I love Majora's mask a lot more over OoT, and I think it's a shame that there is so few hacks for it.

Thank you all in advance :)
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Zelda Anime
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You can always ask questions to the modders who rom hack Majora's Mask. As of right now, I know little to nothing about OOT/MM modding but I do know that the best way to learn is through OOT's engine as it's easier that way but that's all I currently know. :) Again, it's best to ask other people with this knowledge. (I recommend MM hackers' Natsu235 and Dzeko who seem pretty open minded to questions) But I felt like it was necessary to reply with something useful since nobody else did and I myself want to do a full MM mod. :P
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